What is PrivCoin?

PrivCoin is a mixer built by professionals. PrivCoin allows you to interact with Cryptocurrency safely.

  • Users can send us one type of coin and receive different coins of the same type. This will prevent bad actors from knowing what you do with your coins.

Can I use your services if I am from the United States of America or Netherlands?

No. Furthermore if you are a Government representative of any country and you believe Cryptocurrency services require KYC or PrivCoin violates any other policy or law, please reach out to us and we will block your citizens from our service.

Why should I use you?

Mixing service: When you use Bitcoin with other parties they know who you are, where your coins are held and how many coins you have. Armed with this information. an unscrupulous party can do things like attempt to hack you, kidnap you, torture you, or a competitor can track your company's revenue. They can also monitor your coins and know where you send them to use that information against you for example if you should use coins on a dating website.

Instead, to preserve your own personal privacy and dignity you can send us (for example) 1 Bitcoin and receive 0.9949 BTC back into your new wallet that has no traces of your identity on it. Using time delays and multiple addresses ensures nobody will know anything about your coins.

A few reasons to use us:

Cryptocurrency expert kidnapped for $1 million bitcoin ransom
Thief behind violence and cryptocurrency grand larceny pleads guilty
Bitcoin exchange chief kidnapped as he leaves work
Dutch Bitcoin Trader Tortured in “Brutal” Home Invasion
2 bitcoin traders were held at gunpoint in an armed raid in rural England
Bitcoin Trader Kidnapped and Tortured in South Africa
[Caution] Telling other people how much Bitcoin you have
Coinbase is silently tracking how you spend you coins

Can I use your service to receive or send coins to a 3rd party?

No. You must control the address you send from and the destination of the coins. There can only be two parties to this service, PrivCoin and the user. You must not use our service to send to or from an exchange or any other 3rd party.

How long does the process take?

We have high reserves so your transactions can be processed instantly as soon as we receive your confirmed funds unless you manually add time delays to transactions.

What is the maximum transaction size?

The maximum transaction size depends on our current reserves for each coin and the number of coins from your previous transactions which are in our reserve. There are also hard maximums for each coin for various reasons. No user is permitted to attempt to circumvent these hard limits and we will not take kindly to those that attempt to do so. You will be notified of your maximum transaction size during the order process and you should adhere to it religiously.

Is there a minimum transaction size?

Current Minimums below. Smaller amounts will be considered donations and not returned.

Bitcoin Bitcoin => 0.005 BTC

Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash => 0.01 BCH

Ethereum Ethereum => 0.1 ETH

Litecoin Litecoin => 0.1 LTC

How many confirmations do you need for each transaction?

Amount of confirmations depends on the incoming coin type, and amount. See below:

Bitcoin Bitcoin

Less than 5 BTC - 1 confirmations;
Less than 25 BTC - 3 confirmations;
Less than 50 BTC - 5 confirmations;
More than 50 BTC - 9 confirmations;

Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash

Less than 5 BCH - 1 confirmations;
Less than 25 BCH - 3 confirmations;
Less than 50 BCH - 10 confirmations;
More than 50 BCH - 20 confirmations;

Ethereum Ethereum

Less than 5 ETH - 10 confirmations;
Less than 25 ETH - 15 confirmations;
Less than 50 ETH - 20 confirmations;
More than 50 ETH - 50 confirmations;

Litecoin Litecoin

Less than 5 LTC - 2 confirmations;
Less than 25 LTC - 4 confirmations;
Less than 50 LTC - 8 confirmations;
More than 50 LTC - 15 confirmations;

How long are incoming addresses valid for?

The generated address is valid for 24 hours only. We completely delete your order's data after 24 hours of your last mix. All further payments will be ignored. This means if you intend to mix more than once it is suggested you do them within a 24 hour period so your own coins aren't returned to you. *New Update: If you create a mix at 6 AM on Day 1 and then another mix at 8 PM on Day 1, both transactions will be deleted at 8 PM on Day 2. This is done to ensure you never get your old coins back under any circumstances.

What logs are kept?

Absolutely no logs or personally identifying information are kept regarding your use of this website. We outline in detail what we log in our Privacy Policy

Use of cookies

After your first exchange you will receive a special cookie in your web browser. This cookie makes sure that you will never receive any of the previous coins you have added to our reserves in any subsequent transactions you make with us. In other words this ensures that your privacy remains intact.

What is a Letter of Guarantee?

The Letter of Guarantee is provably proof of our obligations.

When we send you the crypto address to send your coins, we provide a digitally signed confirmation that this address has truly been generated by our server. For your peace of mind we always provide this and sign it from our main account depending on the crypto currency used. You may verify our digital signature using your digital wallet.

Valid signing accounts:

Bitcoin Bitcoin => 1PWkrKzNXn7GqgahXuUiSRiPyu1iGo2fDx

Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash => 1PWkrKzNXn7GqgahXuUiSRiPyu1iGo2fDx

Ethereum Ethereum => 0x44db2a5f5290Af742a903a4e44EE83CfFcFE7866

Litecoin Litecoin => LVEqCwmtENagUq4QWYNinPDsjFepd4tT9D

The Letter of Guarantee is the only proof of our obligations. Please always save the Letter of Guarantee before you send us coins. The Letter of Guarantee will help to restore your order if something goes wrong.

Can I use a contract as a forwarding address when mixing ETH?

No. Do not ever do this you must use a regular ETH address. The transaction will fail and you will need to contact us to manually refund you.