We allow the ability to generate mixes via API.

To initiate a new mix, send a GET request to https://www.privcoin.io/{cointype}/api/ or replace https://www.privcoin.io/ with http://tr5ods7ncr6eznny.onion/ for TOR usage.

Available coin types are:

  • bitcoin - https://www.privcoin.io/bitcoin/api/
  • bitcoincash - https://www.privcoin.io/bitcoincash/api/
  • ethereum - https://www.privcoin.io/ethereum/api/
  • litecoin - https://www.privcoin.io/litecoin/api/

Required parameters are:

addr1 - first forward address. Ethereum can only have up to 3 forward addresses, the other coins can have up to 10.

pr1 - percent distribution for the first address.

time1 - time delay for the first address in hours, 0-24.



bitcode - your previous transaction id if you have one. OPTIONAL PARAMETER

affiliate - your affiliate string if you have one. OPTIONAL PARAMETER. If my affiliate link is https://www.privcoin.io/?ref=ac7f298 then in your API call ONLY USE ac7f298

fee - custom fee. Ethereum and Litecoin have minimums of 2, Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash have minimums of 0.8





status = success or fail

message (ONLY ON STATUS FAIL) = the error message why the mix creation failed.

bitcode = the transaction id also known as bitcode for the mix

address = the address to send the coins to

minamount = the minimum acceptable amount

maxamount = the most the user can mix based on their previous transactions with us

Example success:


Example failure:

{"status":"fail","message":"Fee is below minimum level."}

To check a mix

https://www.privcoin.io/status/?id={bitcode above}

Example: https://www.privcoin.io/status/?id=dd23eaad

totalBalance = total coins sent including confirmed and unconfirmed

confirmedBalance = total coins ready for forwarding

letterDownloaded = has the user downloaded letter of guarantee

confirmationsRequired = total confirmations required before we will forward coins

Example response: {"totalBalance":1.9483,"confirmedBalance":0,"letterDownloaded":"1","confirmationsRequired":1}

To get Letter of Guarantee

https://www.privcoin.io/signature/?api=true&id;={bitcode above}

Example: https://www.privcoin.io/signature/?api=true&id;=dd23eaad

Letter of guarantee will be JSON encoded