We're going to lay all of our cards out on the table for you and tell you exactly what we keep on our servers and when it's deleted in the clearest language possible. There will be no ambiguity on what we do. If anything here is unclear, get in touch with us and we'll fix the language.

Off the bat

We do not under any circumstances store any identifying information (other than for investors) including but not limited to: IP address logs, web access logs, browser headers, page referrers. In exactly two cases to prevent brute force attacks on our login forms (investing and affiliates), we will store a one way hash of the login attempt's IP address in RAM which gets deleted after 3 seconds. We do not run Google Analytics on this site to prevent snooping. Now that that's out of the way, onto what we do store.

Transaction data

Within the first 24 hours of a transaction we store:

  • The incoming address we generated for you.
  • The outgoing addresses, percents, and delays you requested.
  • Any payments we've sent related to this transaction.

After 24 hours from the transaction's creation time has passed we store:

  • Nothing*.

* This assumes that all payments to us have confirmed on their respective Blockchains. If you send us 5 Bitcoins but with a low miner's fee and it takes 30 hours to confirm, we will still have your transaction on file for forwarding. Once that payment confirms, we delete the data within minutes.

Affiliate data

We store:

  • The amount and types of each crypto currency we currently owe you, calculated at the completion of each transaction a user makes.
  • The total amount of each crypto currency we've paid you.
  • Your password is NOT stored on this server. It is used to generate an encryption key outlined below.
  • Each payout address you provided us is strongly encrypted. The decryption key is based on the password you provided us at the time of your link generation. We do not have access to your payout addresses without that password under any circumstances. If you forget this password we cannot recover your addresses or issue payouts.

Investor data

We store:

  • Your email address.
  • The total amount of each crypto currency you've invested with us.
  • Your withdrawls.
  • Your password. Bcrypt hashed with a cost exceeding 12. No longer stored. We generate and decrypt a verification string based on your entry in real time.

Any questions about our policies can be asked and we will never dodge a privacy question.