We are always happy to work with new investors interested in collaborating with us to make our reserve larger and therefore more secure. Even though we have put over $250,000 of our own money into our reserves and guarantees, we need investments to increase the efficacy of our platform which supports 4 coins and more on the way.

The minimum required for investing with us is shown in the chart below. We are proud to offer investors 40% of the total profit we make off of their share. This profit is gross profit minus Affiliate payout if applicable to a transaction.

For example, let’s imagine our BTC reserve is hypothetically at 100 BTC. If an investor put in 20 BTC, the profit would be calculated like this: 0.2*0.4*our_profit.

A real world example: If a user sends us 2 BTC with a service fee of 1%, 1 Output address and no referral, you would earn 0.002 Bitcoins at the time of writing this. You are guaranteed to earn crypto currency with your investment.

We also offer a comprehensive investor panel to track your gains that you can withdraw at any time.

Minimum Investment Required
Bitcoin Bitcoin1 BTC
Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash1 BCH
Ethereum Ethereum10 ETH
Litecoin Litecoin20 LTC